Love Your Wood with Worthy Oil & Wax

Worthy Oil and Wax

Worthy Oil and Wax will revitalize and protect your wood pieces, plus all ingredients are food contact safe. From wood utensils to cutting or charcuterie boards, Worthy Oil and Wax will give you superb protection, as well as the ultimate sheen finish.

The fusion of deep penetrating oils to nourish your wood pieces along with a wax that safeguards and enhances the luster of your wood is achieved through time-tested trial and error, refined with artificial intelligence to optimize a scientifically formulated, food contact safe, worthy oil and wax. Giving you peace of mind your wood kitchen products are protected, rejuvenated, and safe for you & your family.

Worthy Wood Wax and Oil

Worthy Oil and Wax was developed by a craftsman seeking an improved (and more cost-effective) alternative to existing options. The utilization of AI enabled us to enhance the ingredients, delivering the finest food-safe wood oil and wax.